Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Play Ball

So, me and a bunch of my closest friends made this rec. softball team. you know, something just for fun, see how good we can be....

we had been talking about the team and getting everything ready for about 3 months now. Sprinkle in a couple practices with about half the team showing up. Add a couple new faces into the mix.

We schedule a scrimmage with another team (a rival of sorts since part of our team came from that team haha) and the funny thing is that today was the first day that our entire team actually showed up. We were one cohesive unit out on the field and it was sooo funny to watch. The supposed "worst" player on the team hits an inside the park home run.

**Listen to Chris Villa on 101.5 jamz.....honestly the dopest DJ this side of Earth...**

All in all thought it was funny and just makes me wish the season would start sooner. Team DO WORK is in full effect yall.

Speaking of seasons starting, the fantasy football leagues that im in are just waiting for the first week to be over with so that my team name can stand at the top of the board.

In one of my leagues, there has been sooo much shit talking about the randomest things, I honestly visit it every couple of hours just so I don't miss out on any drama...its kinda like watching one of those soap operas. You watch one of them...tell yourself you aren't gonna watch anymore, then come back the next week to see what happened to Jennifer or if Ben really died or not. (those are just made up, but really did Jake marry that one girl?, haha jk).

Alright enough of my rambling, ehh, more like excitement filled narration of a day in the life of me....but my next topic is gonna be a review of the latest CD I just bought. Talib Kweli's Eardrum.

If you got any suggestions.....let me get itttttt. Until next time, Shut up!

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terramg said...

I think the so called "worst player" was the love of my life Christopher Alexis Villa! You got to hand it to him...he is not that bad, he is one of the two people who actually scored. =)