Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Jump off

Well, I guess I can put away the party hats and sparkling cider......what happened to the "Welcome to the Internet" Party? I mean this is my blogging cherry being popped. COME ONNNNN.

Anyways, I'm yo above average person with average thoughts. I mean Im gonna seriously gonna try and come on here and chronicle my life everyday. yep....EVERYDAY! aren't yall just so excited.

Let the random thoughts beginnn.....

1) I like music.....I will listen to any and all types.......oh any and all = HIP HOP. Yea, nothing else compares, honestly. From West Coast gangster/riding in my lolo with my chucks and dickies to the East Coasts' legends to the southern mood (Ay BAY BAY) music, to ChiTowns Finest. I HEART it all.

2) I honestly believe nobody can touch me in anything.....even if you are better than me......you cant touch me SON!

3) I play ball, Know everything that has to do with ball, listen to ball, watch ball, play ball on video games. I just love ball (no homo, shout out to lil wayne)........and to yall that are athletically challenged Ball=Basketball

4) Fantasy Football is the best invention of my generation..........NOTHING can top that.....not even file sharing programs.........on second thought, check that, Its the Second best invention.

5) Arizona State University houses some of the most RETARTED people you will ever meet. To see Juniors and Seniors not being able to divide 50 by 5 without the aid of a calculator......is quite saddening.

Thats like asking the president.......i just realized that this analogy isn't going anywhere starting like that.

I dont know about you but, HOW THE HELL ARE YOU GRADUATING? I guess in the end ASU is getting their paper regardless.....damn to be able to hustle like that.......

6) Im from the hardest, most gangsta, most "betta shut the f**k up before you get slapped the f**k up" place ever......Arizona.

aight probably not the hardest....or most gangsta........ORRRR the third thing...but its still home to me so SHUT UP.

aight thats about it for the first one.....I'll let you know more bout me as the issues role out. Untill then my people.....

"Never give up on anything, cus once you do, your a giver upper"
--Enlightened ASU Student

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HowMuchDidThatCost?!? said...

DANGGGG this was such a sick blog. Keep them coming, YEAAA!!