Monday, March 3, 2008


its been a long time since i posted mostly because of work/school responsibilities piling up. ANDDDDD, i guess you can add a lil hint of laziness in there....ok maybe a lot of it lol.

BUT, never the less!

IM BACK, with a vengence too and ima be on hurrrr more often for yall to enjoy the great writing spectacle that occurs on this here Blo-G!

While youtube-ing i came across a video not to long ago.....and it was quite moving. so instead of explaining it, here you go!:

THEN i came across this one yesterday...........and after victories Tomorrow in Ohio and Texas. Mr. B. Obama will become the democratic nominee, or atlease make it almost impossible for Mrs. Hillary C to come back.

so here's the new one, also created by mr. Will-I-Am.

Ahhhh November 5th baby......the day the people of this country will tell the truth YO.

a question was posed asking, can we change?

and the massas rose up and shouted "YES WE CAN!!!"

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