Friday, October 12, 2007

'Till Next Time

Eid is finally here....Thank God.

Well, when the month of Ramadan first started, it seemed like it would be a long ways away till the end. But the yearly journey has finished fast(or at least it seems like it was fast now that I'm done) and I feel like the self-examination I did has made me a better person overall.

The month is about sacrifice, spirituality, and most importantly to teach us to, basically, not take you life for granted. And that is exactly what happened. Sacrifice was a big one for me. Going to the mosque on an everyday basis was something that I am happy I did. It seemed like I secluded myself from the friends but at the end of the day, I do not regret my decision.

Religion is important in my life and I hadn't really noticed it before now. Most of my decisions are based on my religious beliefs (and also my Eritrean upbringing, which sometimes I dislike). Not going out that much and being closer to the Fam was a decision I made this month. It felt good to be honest with you, you don't notice how much you aren't home, until you stop going out. If it wasn't for the understanding nature of my friends, I don't know how this month could have gone. And for that I am thankful.

Tomorrow, the 13th of Oct. is the day of Eid, and its gonna be a good day. People of many different nationalities, tongues, and socio-economic backgrounds coming together to pray. Seeing all of your "brothers" and "sisters" at one place for a common belief is a beautiful sight.

With my softball game on Sunday (hopefully we finally win), Muslim Student Association sponsored Basketball Tournament next Saturday, and finally being able to hang out and eat during the day...... this year should be good.

HAPPY EID and hopefully it is as good as mine will be. SALAM!

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