Monday, October 22, 2007

Presidential Weekend, kind of.

October 19th, 2007 - Barack Obama came through Arizona State University in great fashion. Except for the fact that I stood in the sun for an hour waiting for someone to go up there and address the masses. Finally this lady from a local radio station steps up and introduces the few speakers that were supposed to, in a way, hype up Mr. Obama. The most notable being state representative Ed Albasser. At one point they began to play Kanye West's "Touch the sky" and everyone got excited for Barack to show. But alas we had more waiting to do. After another 30-45 minutes he finally arrived. FINALLY. and the crowd went crazy. Fortunately I was in the front couple rows and got a great view of the stage. There was this Coach guy who obviously was a volunteer starting chants "2,4,6,8, Obama for President" or something like that

B dot O dot (we are cool like that) got up there and spoke, to 6000 people, as if he was talking to just you. It wasn't a speech, but more of a conversation, that was more or less one-sided I guess.

He spoke on issues such as "closing the achievement gap" by recruiting a "whole army of teachers", securing the boarder yet providing a way for people already here to gain citizenship. He stated that being a country of laws and being a country of citizens was not contradictory. Health care and fuel efficiency were also topics of discussion.

Overall it was an experience and has pushed me more in the direction of supporting the senator from Illinois.

Team AfroBallers attended a 3-3 basketball Tourney on Saturday. Balled from 10-6. were stomping on people, favored to go to the finals. and then it went all down hill. Our Quarterfinal opponent forfeited and so we sat and rested for another 40 minuets or so. where we all lost our edge and tightened up. Also, watching the team we were gonna play, we got WAY overconfident. And Lost.......relegated to the lowly Third Place. WOW

Sunday - Team DO WORK got Mercy Ruled in our softball game. finishing the season 1-6. And yet we can still go to the playoffs. NICE, ITS A NEW DAY....or maybe a NEW SEASON. WE GOT IT.

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