Sunday, February 10, 2008

I dont get it.

So the other day i was online playing poker through one of gazillions of facebook's applications/spam generators, albeit this Texas hold-em one is pretty legit.

While i was in one of these rooms with one of my friends, something happened that was completely ridiculous. And the funny thing was....i thought it was just that one person who did this, but apparently this is a consistent theme all over the internet.

Let me set up the story for you:

In the little chat window, someone lost a lot of their chips with a reallllly wack hand. so i made a little joke about how dumb it was to do that. The losing person, then thought it was appropriate for him to go on a racially laced tirade.........excuse me????

in the span of like 2 minutes a friendly conversation turns incredibly racist. And im not gonna try and sugar coat it, these people were all white.

Now, in this supposed "progressive and modern" society, you would think that conversations like this are as close to being non-existent as possible. But as witnessed by me and my friend, are no where near being a thing of the past.

The funny thing is, that there aren't many people who would say/do anything racial in person or in front of everybody else. BUTTTT, with the cloak of the internet, they'll do anything. Now a while ago I posted a video about "e-thugin'," which was pretty funny. The sad thing is that people do actually that, and since they are in a place where they cant be traced (somewhat) they are free to say whatever they want with no consequence.

Another moment.

I was playing the game RISK online (lol, don't hate, and it was on another great facebook app.) and i was based in Africa and was reaching out into Europe.......some guy, who was then occupying Europe decided to start saying that i was a "nigger spreading aids around the world"................pause.................


With recent events, its very hard to keep thinking that society has moved past the problems in the civil rights era. But what I have concluded is that, while they are not overtly showed in todays world, they are still there. They are just in the shadows, quietly sneaking up when the perpetrator deems it safe to do so (ie in groups/on the internet). And on occasion showing its ugly self completely, reminding us that its not gone forever and that it'll be back soon.

Its not completely one way (white to black), its everywhere, but I've only experienced this...thus why i speak on it. All this just from a chat room in a online poker room.....its kinda comical, but when I read it, it left me with a "what the hell" type of feeling, the did he/she just say that kind of felling. We are all lulled into this false sense of security and a feeling that "everything is better" then something like what i mentioned comes unexpectedly and you are brought back down to reality with a crash. Your naivety is then realized and you are shocked.

Maybe its cus it just happened to me that I sound a lil resentful, but remember that scene from the movie White Chicks? where they are all in the car and the N-word is said. At first a sense of shock is presented by the group.....but when the point that there are none of "them" around, they all get the green light and say it.

It couldn't have been far from the truth.

As long as "they" aren't in front of you/around you.....its ok. sad.

anyways.....i dont want to dwell on this too much, its too late and my thoughts arent all there, ima be droppin another one going more indepth but.....

Moral of the story, closet racists are EVERYWHERE. Why are they closet? is it cus they are afraid? of the victim? of society's response (Don Imus)? I don't know, but I really don't like it. matter of fact...I HATE IT.